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upgrading. Where sponsorship marketing for Erie,

Saturday 7 March 2015

 It is the world's leading research group - Ipsos (Ipsos) London Olympics sponsorship marketing latest survey results show that the Olympic Games sponsorship for brand reputation has a significant role in upgrading. Where sponsorship marketing for Erie, ANTA brand reputation enhancement effect is most significant, reaching 24%. But anything can not escape "sides" rule. After enjoying sponsorship marketing "luxury dinner" at the same time, companies air jordan 3  must to pay a huge amount of sponsorship fee. For example, the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games sponsor threshold of only $ 4,000,000, after soaring. According to reports, recently took over the association in 2010 to become the London 2012 Olympic Winter Games and partners Acer sponsorship fee to pay more than $ 70 million. 

Also, sponsorship marketing is difficult to produce "immediate" revenue effect, companies can not expect to have a tremendous time Olympic   air jordan 6 sponsorship revenue immediately. Therefore, sponsorship marketing tends to make enterprises are facing huge cost test. In addition to the huge cost pressures, and the biggest threat facing the sponsorship marketing is undoubtedly the ambush marketing. Ipsos (Ipsos) London Olympics sponsorship marketing survey results show, as Olympic sponsor Yili in terms of consumer awareness and non-sponsors are not competitors to widen the gap Mengniu, Yili and Mengniu ambush marketing is likely to face severe challenge. Also, sponsorship marketing for the influence of different types of enterprises are not the same.

 Olympic marketing, for example, the suitability of the industry being put aside aside, in a strong correlation with the sports industry, with extensive international market international brands tend to invest more than local brands marketing more cost-effective. For example, with the global market because of the potential benefits of Olympic sponsorship adidas marketing produce, is likely to be greater than in the Chinese domestic market-oriented Ning. At the same time, due to a relatively strong capital, risk stronger companies invest huge sponsorship also low, and therefore the weaker brands are often under tremendous risk. Meanwhile, sponsorship marketing, influence strong tradition of well-known brands are "ambush" the risk is relatively low, 

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... a micro-neck T-crazy party, being staged passion or pleasure, or occupation, or elegant, or domineering

Saturday 7 March 2015

experience and to cooperate with other sports brands Champs channels. Li Ning insisted holding a high hit, which the United States was more than 50 employees, product price more than 100 US dollars - the price with Nike US price matched. But Li Ning degree of awareness in the United States without enough brand, product and soon a serious backlog, Champs eventually resort to dumping their goods 4.99,9.99 dollars. "Peer failures gave us a lot of inspiration. For us, nike mercurial vapor ix  the first choice is still open my own business." Xu Zhihua said. In 2012, Xu's goal is to reach $  10 million in

 sales in the US market. Exquisite collar, hit bold colors, models wild ...... a micro-neck T-crazy party, being staged passion or pleasure, or occupation, or elegant, or domineering ...... look at how to help them micro-neck T Fashion transfiguration: sports marketing, especially with more and more popular Olympic marketing, sponsorship marketing and counter ambush marketing problems will become increasingly prominent. Sponsorship marketing like "luxury dinner  nike hypervenom phantom " - decent variety, but do this to pay expensive fees. The so-called "ambush marketing" refers to a non-sponsor through a variety of marketing communications activities,

 so that consumers mistakenly think they are Olympic sponsors or other big events. They confuse, to promote their own brands, the effect of weakening the rival brand sponsorship purposes. Like a boutique-style ambush marketing, as long as creative, exquisite technique, the same person can Watch taste buds and bring as much pleasure luxury feast, but the key is that it is very affordable. Then, as "luxury dinner" sponsorship marketing and "boutique-style" ambush marketing, companies how to choose? Sponsorship marketing advantage of the enormous influence the Olympic Games to promote themselves for each brand, enhance their brand awareness and reputation bring great opportunities.

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, but have been rejected - unless buyers who make an appointment, they

Saturday 7 March 2015

 were famous. "Big sharks" Shaquille O'Neal (Shaquille O'Neal) agent Perry Rogers (Perry Rogers) is one of them. Rogers invited Xu Zhihua even came to their house guest. Xu Zhihua make this meeting on the "American pleasure" more profound understanding. Rogers has a luxurious mansion in the basketball court, bowling alley and movie theater, it makes a lot of players are flocking to the Lakers. Rogers hopes for a comprehensive proxy Olympic products, but does not assume the functions of R & D and other derivatives, Xu refused without hesitation. Good for millet

 the brunt of the problem is no Olympic nike mercurial superfly fg channel resources. Pick shoes once early trade exports of the United States, but these can not be fragmented order to make the Olympic track their flow, also failed to establish an effective channel partners. US retail channels mostly buy hand-made, these professional buyers, there is no method Pick approached. Su had the temerity to go to visit, including Foot Locker, Champs, Footaction, department store Sears (Sears), Macy (Macy), including many retailers, but have been rejected - unless buyers who make an appointment, they

 will not Front strange visitors. In addition, specialized stores, although many brands, the average brand display products are not many, only about dozens of products, these products are invariably more emphasis on technological sense and professionalism. "Americans worship technology content, if there is no tech, no matter how good design can not   nike magista obra fg  support high prices." Su Jia said. A senior buyers had told the secret of millet sports footwear on the market today is crazy strong sales of visible light and technological content - which has now become Olympic products sold in the US market, two military regulations. Chinese sports brand to develop the US market is not the lack of warning. In 2007, Li Ning set up R & D centers in Portland, opened the store brand 

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hand-operated stores on their own development. The latter

Saturday 7 March 2015

specialty stores, sporting goods stores, a career coach, discount stores, warehouse-type sports supermarkets, department stores, mail order and so on. But still heady similar specialty retailers such as Foot Locker. The reason is that in the retail channel chain and large-scale development, the US sporting goods sales channel has been reduced to only one or two levels. Sporting goods company is not the company that commissioned agents will direct the product directly to the retail channel. Of which only a very small part because the United States and through 

a vast reseller wholesalers to retailers. In general, the larger retail chains usually are ordered directly from the manufacturer. In addition to large-scale, chain behemoth, the United States there is also a large number of small-scale retailers.   adidas predator instinct fg However, these retailers purchase small or remote location, usually unable to meet the MOQ vendor orders, and therefore must purchase through wholesalers or buying groups. Xu Zhihua hope pronged approach, one in collaboration with specialty retailers such as Foot Locker, hand-operated stores on their own development. The latter

 called bold - quite different from the domestic popularity of the store model, Pick Statistics found that only about 20 Nike Nike Town in the US, Adidas is almost zero. Sports retail market in the United States, major retail channels occupy nearly 50% market share in the past year, Foot Locker in the US domestic sales have more than Nike, Adidas's sales in the  adidas 11pro trx fg United States. The next five years, its annual revenues will exceed $ 7.5 billion. But Xu Zhihua seems Direct is also a must - the interests of blinded agents such as players can not afford to service, research and meticulous work, self-efficiency is also higher. NBA Olympic halo effect makes no lack of opportunity to make quick money in the United States, some people come to seek the exclusive agent. Many of whom

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conference, then he was selected to study the market, accompanied by Xu Zhihua went to New York,

Saturday 7 March 2015

 period only - every one dollar invested, how much income came much I want a long-term concern.." Zhi-Hua Xu told the "Global Entrepreneur." Xu wait. December 2011, the first Olympic basketball alone investment theme concept store in Westfield Shopping Centre, Los Angeles trial. Three months later, another shop in Hollywood, Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles opened. For a long time, the Olympic Club has become the NBA behind Nike and Adidas sponsors, their trademark registration more than 160 countries and regions, has a total of more than 200 overseas

 outlets, overseas sales accounted for 10 toms shoes mens percent of turnover also reached, but In the US market, Pick's sales almost zero. Now, Xu determination beach landing, race. Su Jia blow Personally, failed more devastating blow - he was the greatest Olympic dealers in Chongqing, an annual turnover of up to several million dollars. In order to enter the US market, millet and even gave up their own business. 2008, millet as the "elite" was invited to the United States Jason Kidd signing conference, then he was selected to study the market, accompanied by Xu Zhihua went to New York,

 Washington, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. A year later, the United States officially approved shop, millet was promised delineated into "Garcia." Foot Locker pivotal in the industry. Which started its secret lies in the unique style of the shoes sold in the style, it  cheap toms shoes  attracts a lot of followers. Foot Locker very good at promoting business events and star shoes sale, such as nowadays very popular street ball, 3 on 3 basketball, etc., Foot Locker in which plays the role of the initiator. This is the Olympic missing. American sporting goods retail to the following patterns: professional sports stores, 

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